Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trials and Errors, Part 2

"Even when you win, you get kicked in the head."

"Blinky" Rodriguez, former world kickboxing champion

A few minutes ago, George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges. My prediction was wrong, and I'm delighted to have been wrong. 

Of course, it's not over. There'll probably be a wrongful death suit. There'll be pontificating by "activists," and they might inspire violence----or, more accurately, give cover to those who are looking for an excuse for violence. Zimmerman's life won't ever be the same, though I hope he and his family will eventually recover, emotionally and financially. 

Perhaps some of the people who bought guns in the latest round of panicked acquisition will take a lesson from this sad affair and get competent instruction, not only in safety and shooting skill but in the equally critical skill of managing their lives to avoid the need for self defense. Those of us who are serious armed citizens should be mentors to our friends and neighbors in this effort.

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  1. Agree Jack, especially the critical thinking part. Think most folks training in this area is watching movies or tv. Poor source...


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